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19462 Neck Surgeon

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Neck surgery in 19462

19462 neck surgeon

19462 neck surgeon

Looking better and younger means a greater degree of self-confidence that you have right now. It’s a feeling that has a positive effect on everything that you do. And while most people think of the face as the focus of that improvement, we at the office of Frano PicoFazzi offer a wide range of valuable surgical solutions, including not only those that are focused on your face, but also your neck.

If you’ve noticed that your neck does not look the way you want it to, there are options that you have. Our 19462 neck surgeon provides two vital procedures: neck lifts and neck liposuction. Neck lifts are often done in conjunction with face lifts, but you don’t have to do both together. If your issue is isolated to just the neck area, then there is no reason to go beyond that. What are the concerns that you have with regard to your neck? It may be a double chin, a turkey-gobble band, or just a neck that has too much fat in it. An unfortunate fact is that when your neck has these problems, it can detract from the face and the surrounding areas, with attention and eyes drawn to the areas of difficulty. If you find yourself doing anything and everything possible to obscure your neck, why not take advantage of what our 19462 neck surgeon has to offer? And neck liposuction is another possibility when it comes to the removal of excessive neck fat. Which procedure is the one best suited to your needs and preferences? Together, you and Dr. PicoFazzi will make that determination. In some cases, a combination of procedures is the most efficient way to proceed.

Call us right now and let us schedule you for a good time to come in and meet with our 19462 neck surgeon. You’ve nothing to lose except an unattractive neck. And you have everything to gain, including a more appealing neck.

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