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Face and Neck Surgery


Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)

If you are considering of undergoing a nasal surgery, you are not alone. Rhinoplasty, the process of reshaping the nose, is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures today, with around half a million people each year seeking consultation regarding having one. Those considering the procedure should speak with a qualified surgeon to learn the details about what to expect and how to set realistic goals. At Mede Spa we place an emphasis on helping patients achieve a natural look that is fit for them.

During the procedure, the nose is accessed through small incisions that are mainly made inside the nose so they will not leave visible scars. After the incisions, the new structure is made by removing, rearranging or adding to the underlying bone and cartilage. Recovery time after the surgery is about a week.

Otoplasty (Pin Back Ears)

Otoplasty, the correction of prominent or protruding ears, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures that is performed to correct developmental abnormalities from birth. Otoplasty can be performed on children as young as age two to adults. Most commonly the surgery is performed to correct prominent ears by setting them back closer to the head. Ears come in all shapes and sizes and “otoplasty” may refer to correction of a number of different ear deformities.

Blepharoplasty (Eye Lift)

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is a service to correct droopy or hooded eyelids as well as puffy lower lids which are as common in men as women and are usually the first noticeable signs of facial aging. The overall result of eyelid rejuvenation is a subtle but significant change that gives the patient a more youthful and less tired looking appearance.

Full Face Lifts

Many people in their 50s and 60s notice some sagging and loss of elasticity in their facial skin. In addition, fine lines become more prominent and wrinkles begin to appear on various parts of the face. As a result, a person might appear much older than they feel. A facelift can soften many signs of aging thus improving the balance between our how we feel and how we look. Facelifts can greatly improve prominent or sagging jowls, deep nasolabial folds and excess facial skin, muscle and fatty tissue.

Mini Face Lifts, A full facelift usually involves incisions made around the edges of the lower half of the face. These incisions generally run from just above the ears, down in front of the ears (where they are hidden in natural skin folds there) and then up and behind the ears. The skin of the middle and lower face is loosened and moved and excess skin is removed. Sometimes, the surgeon also moves and adjusts fat and muscle under the skin of the face. A full face lift can correct wrinkles and loose skin from the cheeks and side of the face and the lower face and jawline.

A mini-face lift, as the name implies, is a cosmetic surgery that lifts less of the face than the full lift. Generally, less tissue is moved and removed than in a full lift A mini-face lift might lift the skin and perhaps rearrange some underlying tissue on the middle portion of the face or the lower third, but not both, the way a full facelift can.

Neck Lifts

For those looking to remove excess weight, tighten up their chin, or address signs of aging, a neck lift may be just the right procedure. The neck lift is usually done alongside a facelift. However, it doesn’t have to be. A neck lift is a great option for patients with excess fat, a double chin or a turkey-gobble band.

Neck Liposuction

Liposuction is another option for patients looking to remove excess fat in the neck area.

Fat Transfer

We utilize your own fat harvested from unwanted areas and re-inject it using special protocols as a dermal filler for a more lasting, permanent solution.

Lip Implants


Beautiful lips are something everyone wants and now everyone can have. Lip enhancement has gained much popularity over the past two decades. Patients desire fuller, more sensuous yet natural lips.

Chin Implants

Chin implants are performed to improve projection of the chin and to achieve a better jawline. This procedure is often done at the same time as nasal surgery to restore facial balance. While there are different materials available, the most commonly used implant is made of solid silicone and can be positioned through either an incision below the chin or inside the mouth. The surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia and has a very short recovery period.

Cheek Implants

Many people consider full cheeks very attractive. Weak cheeks can make your face appear gaunt, and create an aged appearance to the under-eye area. Cheek augmentation can restore the fullness to your cheeks if it has been lost with aging, or can create the appearance of strong cheek bones if you never had them. There are many options for aesthetic cheek surgery, depending on your particular appearance, and the look you wish to attain. The operation adds volume to the cheek by effectively augmenting the bone structure of the cheek region, enhancing the foundation of your mid-face.

Brow/Forehead Lifts

Forehead lifts are used when there is a sagging eyebrow or deep furrows between the eyes. A forehead or brow lift tightens loose skin and in some cases, removes the excess, and forehead wrinkling and drooping brows can be modified. When necessary, part of the muscle that causes vertical frown lines between the brows is also removed.