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Plymouth Meeting Dental Exam

18.03.2019 in Dental Exam

Dental exams, cleanings in Plymouth Meeting In order to maintain optimal oral health, you need to be proactively and take the steps needed to maintain good dental health. Regular dental exams and cleanings as well as following a good oral hygiene regimen are both important…

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Plymouth Meeting Invisalign

Plymouth Meeting Invisalign

12.02.2019 in Invisalign Braces

Invisalign in Plymouth Meeting Our Plymouth Meeting Invisalign may not look like braces, but the aligners that make up the system do the same job as them, and without the drawbacks that are commonly thought of regarding orthodontic treatment. At the practice of Franco PicoFazzi…

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Teeth Whitening in Plymouth Meeting

11.12.2018 in Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth whitening in Plymouth Meeting We are proud here at the dental practice of Franco PicoFazzi DDS to offer effective, safe teeth whitening treatment. There is a great deal of interest in this kind of care today, and with good reason. A list of the…

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19462 Dental Surgery

16.11.2018 in Dentist

Soft tissue grafting in 19462 Gum disease has an annoying habit of wreaking havoc on your smile—particularly on the gums. Over time they recede, as does the dental bone, weakening stability and skyrocketing the odds of teeth falling out. While this sounds scary, it doesn’t…

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Plymouth Meeting Teeth Cleaning

18.10.2018 in Dentist in Plymouth

Dental Cleanings in Plymouth Meeting Preventive dental care includes dental cleanings and checkups on a regular basis. These appointments play a very essential role in not only obtaining and maintaining good oral health but general heath as well. You should get a Plymouth Meeting teeth…

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TMJ treatment 19462

TMJ Treatment 19462

11.09.2018 in Uncategorized

TMJ disorders in 19462 TMJ disorders affect your jaw function. The result can be pain and frustration. Here at the practice of Franco PicoFazzi DDS, you can get expert diagnosis, assessment, and our TMJ treatment 19462, Few people take the time to consider the importance…

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Teeth cleaning Plymouth

Teeth Cleaning Plymouth

03.08.2018 in Uncategorized

Preventive care in Plymouth Our teeth cleaning Plymouth is the foundation of preventive care. Your at-home oral hygiene regimen cannot do it all, and any dental plaque that turns into hardened tartar puts your teeth and gums at continued risk until you have it removed…

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TMJ Dentist 19462

05.07.2018 in Uncategorized

TMJ treatments in 19462 Sick and tired of hearing that popping, clicking sound? Of course you are. But it’s been going on so long, you might not even notice it as much. Of course, everyone else definitely does. These sounds are red flags that are…

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